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Tax Foreclosure Prevention

We provide free counseling services for income-eligible residents who own or occupy a home in or at-risk of property tax foreclosure. 

About Tax Foreclosure Prevention

Tax Foreclosure Prevention is a community-based initiative designed to help low-income homeowners and tenants facing foreclosure due to delinquent property taxes. The program provides financial assistance and counseling services to help residents keep their homes and avoid the devastating consequences of foreclosure. 


The Tax Foreclosure Prevention offers a range of services to program participants, including financial counseling, debt management assistance, and legal representation. Program participants work with trained counselors who provide individualized support and guidance throughout the foreclosure prevention process. 


The program's financial counseling component provides budgeting and financial management support to help homeowners achieve financial stability and long-term homeownership success. The debt management assistance component helps homeowners negotiate payment plans with local tax authorities to prevent foreclosure and maintain their homeownership. 


The program also provides legal representation to residents of homes facing foreclosure, including representation in court proceedings related to tax foreclosure. The program works with a team of experienced housing attorneys who provide legal representation to homeowners to help prevent foreclosure and protect their legal rights. 


Tax Foreclosure Prevention works in partnership with local tax authorities, community organizations, and other stakeholders to increase awareness about the impact of tax foreclosure on low-income residents and promote policies and practices that prevent tax foreclosure. The program also provides education and outreach to homeowners and tenants to help them understand their rights and responsibilities as homeowners (and prospective homeowners!) and to help them navigate the complex foreclosure prevention process. 


Tax Foreclosure Prevention is committed to ensuring that all low-income residents have access to the resources and support they need to achieve long-term homeownership stability and success. By providing comprehensive foreclosure prevention services, the program helps to prevent displacement, promote family stability, and support the health and well-being of individuals and families in our community. 

Office Mainline: (313) 963-3310

Eviction Hotline: (313) 355-3352

Tax Foreclosure Hotline: (313) 405-7726

Make It Home Client Line: (313) 241-7009

Tax Foreclosure Prevention Impacts

The impact of our Tax Foreclosure Prevention efforts includes: 


  • Prevention of homelessness: help prevent homelessness by enabling residents to remain in their homes, thereby reducing the risk of eviction and displacement. 

  • Reduction of housing insecurity: help reduce housing insecurity by providing residents with the resources they need to stay in their homes. This can help prevent the negative consequences of eviction, such as loss of income, damage to credit scores, and homelessness. 

  • Preservation of affordable housing: help preserve affordable housing by enabling low-income residents to remain their housed. This can help prevent the loss of affordable housing units, which are already in short supply in many communities.

  • Improved public health: help improve public health by reducing the risk of homelessness and its negative health consequences, such as increased stress, poor nutrition, and increased risk of illness. 

  • Positive impact on the community: have a positive impact on the community as a whole by preserving affordable housing, reducing housing insecurity, and preventing the negative consequences of foreclosure and eviction. 


By providing critical support and resources, the program can help prevent homelessness, reduce housing insecurity, preserve affordable housing, improve public health, and have a positive impact on the community. 

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