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Make it Home

Free counseling services for income-eligible residents who own or occupy a home in or at-risk of property-tax foreclosure. 

About Make It Home

Make It Home (MIH) is an affordable home-purchase program that gives residents living in foreclosed homes the option to purchase their home before the annual Wayne County foreclosure auction. Launched in 2017, MIH has assisted with the purchase of over 1,300 homes for low-income residents, including renters, former owners, and family homes. Financing may be available to purchasers through 0% interest loans. 

In 2017, in partnership with Michigan Legal Services(MLS), UCHC created Make It Home, which works with the City of Detroit to exercise its right-of-first-refusal option to purchase foreclosed homes back from Wayne County before the September/October property auctions. 

  • In 2017, with support from the Rocket Community Fund (formerly the Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund), UCHC purchased 80 tenant-owned homes at an average price of $4,000 and sold them to the occupants at cost, plus some minimal fees. 

  • In 2018, the number of homes purchased grew to 520  and expanded to allow low-income, former owner-occupants to participate. 

  • In 2019, through a grant from the Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund, UCHC began a pilot repair program to address repair needs for the homes purchased. 

  • The COVID-19 moratorium on property-tax foreclosures paused the program for 2020 and 2021. 

  • In 2022, the team and purchased 249 homes. 

How does UCHC's Make It Home service work?   

  1. A property with delinquent taxes is foreclosed by the Wayne County Treasurer.   

  2. After the foreclosure, the City of Detroit has the option to buy the home in the Right of Refusal.  

  3. Homes purchased in the Right of Refusal will not go up for sale in the public auction.   

  4. UCHC partners with the City of Detroit to use their Right of Refusal to help residents living in foreclosed homes buy the home they're living in.   

  5. The City of Detroit deeds the homes to UCHC. Residents who are financing via a 0% interest loan with UCHC enter into a land contract. Once the home is paid for in full, UCHC deeds the home to the resident. 

Office Mainline: (313) 963-3310

Tax Foreclosure Hotline: (313) 405-7726

Make It Home Eligibility

Who's eligible for MIH?    

  • You must occupy the home as your primary residence and continue living there.   

  • Your home must be foreclosed by the Wayne County Treasurer.  

  • Your home must pass a home inspection to ensure the home is livable.  

  • You must pass a criminal background check.   

  • You cannot own other homes.  

  • You must be willing to pay to purchase your home.   

  • You must complete the full MIH enrollment process, including MIH class modules, the MIH enrollment appointment, and the MIH title appointment. 


How do I prepare for MIH 2024?    

  1. If you’re interested in participating in MIH, please call our tax hotline at (313) 405-7726 to speak with a counselor and get enrolled. 

  2. Save money! You'll need to save money to be able to purchase your home. You can save in your own savings account or with UCHC in a Tenant Withholding Account (TWA).  

  3. DO NOT pay the taxes on the property! Paying the taxes will not make you the homeowner and may prevent the foreclosure of your home, which will make you ineligible for MIH.  

  4. Limit repairs and keep your utilities on.   

  5. Prepare your supporting documents:   

  • Photo ID for all purchasers   

  • 2 Proofs of Occupancy (utility bill, bank statement, official mail, bridge card letter, etc.)  

  • Proof of Relationship to Property (land contract, lease, death certificate, deed, residency statement)   

  • Proof of All Household Income (SSI, SSD, unemployment, employment, W-2, pay stubs, statement of self-employment, statement of family support, etc.)   


NOTE: To be accepted into the MIH program, you must complete all program requirements by July 1, 2024, including submitting your Earnest Money Deposit into a Tenant Withholding Account (TWA). We look forward to trying to help you become the owner of your home! 

Make it Home Enrollment

To enroll in the Make it Home program and begin your pathway to homeownership, you must:

  1. Register for the in-person Make it Home Course by calling the Tax Foreclosure hotline:
    (313) 405-7726. Please include your full name and address for registration.

  2. At the Course, meet with a UCHC Tax Counselor to enroll in the program.

  3. Schedule an inspection of your home with a UCHC Home Inspector.

If you have any questions, send them to

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