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Client Grievance Policy

United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC) is committed to providing high-quality services to our clients. We recognize that grievances may arise from time to time, and we value feedback as an essential tool for improving our programs. This Grievance Policy outlines the process for clients to address concerns, the roles and responsibilities of staff, and the steps taken to ensure the protection of households from retaliation.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the UCHC Client Grievance Policy is to establish a fair, transparent, and accessible process for clients to express concerns, seek resolutions, and provide valuable feedback on their experiences within our programs. This policy underscores our commitment to maintaining a supportive and accountable community, where clients' voices are heard, and their rights are respected.

Grievance Definitions

  1. Grievance: A grievance is a formal written expression of dissatisfaction with a specific issue raised by an individual or group regarding a perceived injustice, violation of rights, or unfair treatment from UCHC's programs, services, staff actions, or policies. This should be submitted directly by a client or a client’s guardian.​

  2. Client Bill of Rights: A set of guiding principles that articulate the fundamental rights and expectations afforded to individuals participating in UCHC programs. It establishes a framework to ensure that clients are treated with dignity, respect, and fairness while accessing housing and services provided by UCHC.

  3. Client Responsibilities and Expectations: The client's commitment to adhering to established guidelines and requirements set forth by UCHC. This involves following outlined procedures to maintain eligibility and ensure a smooth housing process.

  4. Retaliation: Retaliation refers to any adverse action or behavior taken against an individual who has submitted a grievance, participated in the grievance process, or opposed any discriminatory or inappropriate practices.

  5. Availability and Communication:

    1. Introduction: The Grievance Policy and Form is given to client when a grievance is identified. UCHC staff should explain clients’ rights to them and how the grievance procedure works. A comprehensive overview is provided, including the importance of reporting grievances, and the commitment to fair and timely resolutions.

    2. Communication Throughout Program Participation: The Grievance Policy is made available to clients at all times. A copy of the Client Bill of Rights and Client Responsibilities and Expectations are available to each client upon entry into our programs through our resource packet and can be found on our website.

Grievance Procedure: Guidelines, Staff Roles, and Timeline

  1. Submitting a Grievance: Clients may submit grievances in writing on the (a.) UCHC online grievance form with as many attachments as they feel necessary or (b.) in-person to any UCHC division supervisor or the UCHC Chief Operating Officer. These will be reviewed by the Executive Leadership Team for response.

  2. Acknowledgment of Grievance: UCHC commits to acknowledging receipt of grievances (a.) within five (5) business days, providing clients with a point of contact for further inquiries. (b.) An initial acknowledgment includes an estimated timeframe for the resolution process.

  3. Investigation and Resolution: UCHC initiates a thorough investigation of the grievance (a.) within ten (10) business days of acknowledgment. (b.) Clients are actively involved in the investigation and providing their perspectives. (c.) The resolution may include corrective actions, policy revisions, additional support measures, or any other appropriate remedy. (d.) Regular updates on the progress of the resolution are provided to the client throughout the process.

  4. Appeal Process: If a client is dissatisfied with the initial resolution, (a.) they may submit a formal appeal within ten (10) business days. (b.) An independent review panel may be involved in the appeal process to ensure impartiality and fairness. (c.) UCHC commits to making the final decision of the appeal within fifteen (15) business days.

  5. Grievance issues:

    1. Termination of services.

    2. Denial of services.

    3. Failure to provide services once accepted as a client.

    4. Failure to communicate with the client.

    5. Disrespectful or inappropriate interactions with a client.

  6. What are not grievance issues:

    1. Termination of services

      1. Required to be terminated by the funding source for that service.

      2. Due to the case work being completed.

      3. At the request of the client.

      4. For attorneys, with the approval of the court to withdraw from the case.

    2. Denial of services

      1. Done because the client did not qualify, and non-qualification is documented.

      2. Done because the agency lacked the capacity to accept the case at that time.

      3. There was a conflict of interest that precluded the agency from accepting the case.

    3. Failure to provide services due to the client not following through with agreed upon actions.

Exceptions to the Grievance Procedure

  1. Emergency Situations: In emergency situations that require immediate attention, clients are encouraged to contact UCHC staff or emergency services directly. Grievance procedures will be expedited in such cases.

  2. Repetitive or Frivolous Grievances: UCHC reserves the right to address repetitive or frivolous grievances through an expedited process, without compromising fairness or thoroughness.

Protection Against Retaliation

  1. Retaliation Reporting: UCHC ensures that no resident will face retaliation for submitting a grievance. UCHC has established a process for reporting any perceived or actual retaliation. This process is communicated to clients during the introduction of the Grievance Policy and is reiterated throughout their participation in our programs.

  2. Confidentiality: All information related to a grievance, including the identity of the complainant, will be limited to those needing the information for the purposes of the investigation. In order to address concerns and investigate the grievance thoroughly, names must be provided.

  3. Anonymous Submissions: Clients or concerned parties have the option to submit feedback, positive or negative, anonymously. Anonymous submissions will be investigated to the extent allowable by the details provided. Anonymous submissions of “program concerns” may be submitted by clients following the same procedure as a formal grievance however the client will not be involved or informed of status along the way.  

Review and Updates

Review and Updates: UCHC commits to regularly reviewing and updating the Grievance Policy to ensure its effectiveness and responsiveness to the needs of our clients. Any revisions will be communicated to clients through the established communication channels.

This Grievance Policy is an integral part of our commitment to maintaining a supportive and accountable community. UCHC encourages open communication and values the input of our clients in shaping the quality of our service.

Updated: March 15, 2024

Grievance Form

Please complete this form as much as possible. The form will be submitted to our Chief Operating Officer who will distribute the grievance to the appropriate division director.
You will receive an automatic email alerting you that your submission has been received. Then, a director will send an email requesting additional information, documents, or to schedule a meeting to discuss your grievance submission.
This form will not be anonymous.

UCHC Client Grievance Form

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Feedback Form

Please complete as much as possible. The form will be submitted to our Chief Operating Officer who will distribute the grievance to the appropriate division director.
You will receive an automatic email alerting you that your submission has been received.
This form can be anonymous if you so choose.

UCHC Feedback Form

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