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Tenant Organizing

UCHC tenant organizers support the rights of Detroit tenants through education and advocacy. 

About Tenant Organizing

Tenant Organizing is a community-based initiative designed to empower tenants to advocate for their rights, improve their living conditions, and build stronger, more connected communities. The program provides support and resources to tenants who want to organize and form tenant associations to address issues related to housing quality, affordability, and tenant rights. 


Tenant Organizing provides training and technical assistance to tenants who want to form tenant associations, including guidance on organizational structure, leadership development, and advocacy strategies. The program also provides resources such as meeting space, printing and mailing services, and funding for tenant-led initiatives and projects. 


Tenant associations formed through the program work collaboratively with landlords, property managers, and government agencies to address issues related to housing quality and tenant rights. Associations advocate for policy changes at the local and state level to improve tenant protections, increase affordable housing, and promote healthy and safe living conditions. 


Our Tenant Organizing program is committed to building tenant power and increasing tenant representation in housing policy and decision-making. The program works in partnership with other community-based organizations and stakeholders to build a network of tenant associations and support a coordinated, collective approach to addressing housing issues in our community. 


Tenant Organizing is a critical resource for tenants who may be facing housing quality or affordability issues and seeking to address these issues through collective action. By empowering tenants to organize and advocate for their rights, the program helps to promote healthy and sustainable communities, increase tenant representation in housing policy, and promote equitable access to safe, affordable housing. 

Tenant Organizing Impacts

The impact of Tenant Organizing includes: 

  • Relocation support: Since 2006, UCHC has been the only recognized tenant organizer in the city of Detroit. At that time, displacement of tenants who live in Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH) was on the rise, affecting many low-income Detroiters who live in desirable locations. For many years, this area went unfunded, but by doing the hard work and, in some cases, leveraging the funds for relocation from owners, all tenants were supported with housing relocation and financial assistance.

  • Improved living conditions: UCHC helps improve tenants’ living conditions by enabling them to work together to identify and address the problems in their buildings and neighborhoods. This includes advocating for repairs and improvements, fighting against illegal rent hikes, and working to prevent evictions and displacement.

  • Policy change: UCHC and its partners have made an impact on housing policy by advocating for changes in the laws and regulations that affect tenants. This includes advocating for stronger tenant protections, increased funding for affordable housing, and other policy changes.

  • Positive impact on the community: have a positive impact on the community as a whole by preserving affordable housing, reducing housing insecurity, and preventing the negative consequences of foreclosure and eviction.


By empowering tenants, improving living conditions, and advocating for policy change, UCHC’s tenant-organizing program helps create a more just and equitable housing system, where tenants have a voice and can live in safe, healthy, and affordable homes. 

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