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Keep it Home Newsletters

Every month, UCHC reaches out to Keep it Home clients for updates on your living situation and to bring you news you can use.

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United Community Housing Coalition - Keep It Home

Personalized support to keep your home.

Keep It Home clients get 1:1 support from a dedicated housing advocate to:

  • Make a plan to get current and stay current on your rent.

  • Negotiate with your landlord to agree on a workable payment plan.

  • Access financial assistance to reduce the amount of back rent you own.

  • Enroll in benefits and programs to help pay your bills.

  • Find a job or a better job.

  • Manage your money and build savings.

  • Get connected to resources for child care, transportation, health care, and more.

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

If you need to get in touch with your counselor, email or call: | (313) 570-0992

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