United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which provides comprehensive housing assistance to Detroit’s low-income residents. 

Since 1973, the organization has worked with tenants, homesteaders, homeowners, the homeless and community organizations, rebuilding neighborhoods and providing affordable housing, religious, civil rights, labor and housing advocacy to improve, preserve and expand affordable housing opportunities for low-income Detroiters. 

Today, the organization is primarily focused on the following areas of work: landlord tenant legal counseling, housing placement, tenant organizing, and tax and mortgage foreclosure prevention. 
Services are provided to income-eligible families and individuals free of charge.

Save a Home - Serve Justice - Block the Auction

Imagine if you lost your home for a bill you should NEVER have had to pay. 

No need to imagine it, that is the basis of the ACLU lawsuit against the city of Detroit. Hundreds of low-income homeowners across Detroit are in "tax foreclosure" for taxes that they could legally have had waived. Those homes are on track to be sold in the online auction this fall.

However, as part of a recent settlement, the homeowners have a chance to take their houses back and block the auction, but we have to raise the funds to get them in the program


Need help avoiding foreclosure in Detroit?

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