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Homeowner Solutions

Working with income-eligible owners to address individual circumstances that could lead to foreclosure, and with residents of properties in foreclosure to find a path to ownership. 

About Homeowner Solutions

Homeowner Solutions is a community-based initiative designed to promote sustainable homeownership among low- and moderate-income individuals and families. The programs involved provide a range of services to help families navigate the homebuying process, including financial education, counseling, and down payment assistance.

Homeowner Solutions provide financial education and counseling to potential homebuyers to help them understand the homebuying process and the responsibilities of homeownership. The programs also provide pre-purchase homebuyer education and workshops to help families prepare for homeownership.

Our Homeowner Solutions provide down payment assistance to eligible homebuyers to help them overcome one of the biggest barriers to homeownership. The programs also provide affordable mortgages and other financial products to help families purchase homes that are safe, affordable, and sustainable.

In addition to financial support, Homeowner Solutions provide ongoing support and resources to help families maintain their homes and build equity over time. The programs offer workshops and training on home maintenance, energy efficiency, and other topics related to homeownership.

Our Homeowner Solutions programs work in partnership with local lenders, realtors, and community organizations to provide comprehensive support to families throughout the homebuying process. The programs also provide job training and employment opportunities for individuals in the building trades to help strengthen the local economy and increase access to quality housing for all.

Homeowner Solutions is committed to promoting healthy and sustainable communities by helping families achieve the dream of homeownership. By providing critical support and resources, the program helps to build wealth and promote family stability, while also strengthening the local economy and supporting the health and well-being of individuals and families in our community.

Homeowner Solutions Impacts

The impact of Homeowner Solutions program includes: 

  • Preventing eviction and displacement: assistance to tenants facing eviction or displacement, helping them to stay in their homes and become homeowners. By preventing eviction and displacement, the program can help to stabilize communities and prevent the negative effects of displacement, such as increased poverty and homelessness.

  • Supporting community development: support community development by maintaining diverse and stable neighborhoods. This can help to promote economic development, social cohesion, and cultural diversity, among other positive outcomes. 

  • Promoting tenant empowerment: by providing education and support to tenants, helping them to better understand their rights and responsibilities as renters. This can help to promote tenant advocacy and create more equitable housing policies and practices. 

  • Improving housing conditions: A working with landlords and tenants to address repair and maintenance issues, as well as promoting healthy and safe living conditions. This can help to prevent health problems and ensure that tenants have access to safe and decent housing.


Homeowner Solutions has a transformative impact on individuals, families, and communities. By increasing access to affordable housing, building wealth and financial stability, strengthening communities, and promoting economic development, the program can help to create more equitable and sustainable communities where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their dreams of homeownership. 

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