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The United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC) operates several homeownership projects aimed primarily at low income households not eligible for a mortgage or any traditional homebuyer program. All are aimed at assisting the occupants of homes in tax foreclosure, mortgage foreclosure, land contract forfeiture or some similar stress to enable the occupant to prevent the loss of their home or to obtain ownership of the home if the occupant is a tenant or non-deed holder. UCHC provides the funds to enable the occupant to retain or regain ownership and then enters a land contract to collect funds expended for the purchases.  Most funds are collected within 1-3 years and then used to assist other low-income households in need. UCHC is seeking a property manager to manage the UCHC inventory at any given time. 


Position Overview: 

The United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC) Property Manager (PM) will be responsible for overseeing all properties owned by UCHC through the various homeownership programs. The PM will keep detailed up-to-date records of all properties in UCHC’s inventory. The PM will determine and track occupancy status, work on resolutions for vacant homes, property security, utility issues, blight issues, tax issues, etc. The PM will be responsible for collecting on outstanding balances and land contract payments from UCHC clients who owe. The PM will maintain protocol and process for vacant homes to secure these homes and assist with re-sales when necessary that are in line with UCHC’s goal to create homeownership. The property manager will work inter-departmentally with tax, mortgage/land contract, finance, and legal. 

Responsibilities Include:   


  • Maintaining accurate and current records on the status of the large volume of properties in UCHC’s inventory using Salesforce and tracking technology in coordination with Data Management Component. 

  • Assuming the point person role for dealing with vacant homes in UCHC’s inventory. This includes following the UCHC vacancy protocol of taking quick action steps necessary to coordinate site visits, secure property, coordinate with necessary staff (finance, repair, title), perform due diligence with existing client, and work toward timely resolution if re-sale is necessary.  

  • Collecting on all outstanding land contracts and balances owed to UCHC. This includes sending regular statements, consistent contact client interaction via phone and site visits. 

  • Working remotely, in-office and in the field when necessary pending safety considerations for COVID-19. 

  • Employing creative problem-solving skills to assist clients who need assistance to stay in their homes and fulfill their obligations. Making referrals to the proper departments when and where necessary. 

  • Addressing utility issues, tax issues, blight tickets, etc. Coordinating with necessary components to resolve these issues timely. 

  • Communicating regularly inter-departmentally to maintain effective and efficient management of inventory.  


 Preferred Qualifications:   

  • The successful candidate will believe in UCHC’s mission and demonstrate a passion for driving the organization’s growth and a genuine care for assisting clients.  

  • Existing knowledge of challenges and issues specific to Detroit and Wayne County within the housing market. Have a general knowledge of home repair conditions and costs. 

  • Strong computer and data skills including proficiency in Microsoft 365, especially Excel & Word. Experience with data management systems such as Salesforce is preferred. Candidate must have the ability to navigate these tasks remotely when needed.  

  • Existing knowledge and experience in real estate and property management is preferred.  

  • The ability to work both independently and as part of a group.  

  • The ability to learn quickly and to balance multiple projects at once.  

  • Demonstrated commitment to community and the population we serve. 

Personal Characteristics:  

  • Effective communication skills, both in writing and speaking. 

  • Excellent writing, research and organizational skills with a strong attention to detail. 

  • Ability to work inter-departmentally while also demonstrating ability to be self-guided and work independently.  

  • Strong listening skills and ability to strategize; comfortable receiving input and feedback from many sources, and able to act on information to develop increased support. Ability to request assistance when needed and approach tasks with the understanding that we are always learning.  

  • Takes initiative; a hard worker with a high energy level; a “doer” with a willingness to work hands-on in developing and executing a variety of development and advancement activities.  

  • Ability to problem solve and to negotiate while maintaining positive, respectful relationships.    


  • Full-time position.    

  • Salary commensurate with experience. UCHC offers medical benefits and time off.   

  • Willingness to maintain a flexible schedule of both in-office, in-field and work-from-home conditions.   

  • Schedule: 8:30 - 4:30 or 9:00 - 5:00 Monday - Friday, though some additional time may be required depending on client needs.  

  • Applications are now being accepted and reviewed.   

  • Position open until filled.  

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