UCHC offers a variety of supportive services to existing clients, including educational programs such as General Education Diploma (GED) tutoring, as well as classes on weatherization and money management. 

Educational Programs
Education is critical to employment opportunities. Our priority is helping our clients without a high-school diploma or GED, work toward, take and pass the GED test. 

Our hands-on weatherization workshop is designed to help our clients maximize energy and save money. The workshop focuses on affordable energy-saving techniques that tenants and homeowners alike find valuable, including weatherizing windows, doors and electrical switches, and basic furnace and water heater maintenance. 

Money Management
Our money management workshop is focused on helping our clients manage their household finances. We help clients set goals, get organized and build a budget. 

Housing Inspections
Before placing clients in a home, our team conducts a housing inspection to ensure the property is safe. Housing inspections are focused on the home’s major systems including the electrical, heating and cooling, and plumbing systems.