On March 12, 2019, a group of 25 organizations hosted the Detroit Eviction Right to Counsel Summit. The all-day event convened local and national leaders involved in the Right to Counsel movement to address the eviction crisis. The event featured multiple panel sessions that included low-income tenants facing evictions, city leaders, Detroit area businesses, and experts from around the country. These panelists shared their experiences regarding the costs, benefits, and impacts of various efforts to reduce evictions and improve community and family stability.

"For some types of civil cases, the right to a free lawyer for people who can't afford one helps ensure the court reaches the correct result, levels the playing field, saves more money than it costs, and serves as a best practice in our communities.  Every state provides a right to counsel for some types of civil cases, but it's a patchwork at best." - National Coalition for a Civil Right to Council

DET-RTC Summit | March 2019